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NORTH GLOVES INDUSTRY COMPANY is running over 3rd generation business successfully with an exporting history of 25 years. Our ancestors used to produce and supply Leather Working Gloves and Leather Welding Gloves in local market but from almost 25 years ago North Gloves Industry has ranked among the top of not only in Leather Gloves but also in Leather Welding jackets, Apron and also other Leather safety products manufacturing and exporting companies.

We diversify our business scope by developing new manufacturing lines to meet market needs. Capitalizing on our expertise and professionalism, we have positioned ourselves as innovative products manufacturers with superb manufacturing abilities and facilities.

We are engaged in the manufacturing of top quality Leather Working Gloves / leather welding Gloves and all Safety products and are exporting to our valued customers throughout the world since 1990. We are manufacturing products in a high quality controlled environment and use top quality imported machinery under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. We also have top quality research lab in our facility to access the quality of products at each and every stage.

We are willing to serve your valued and prestigious companies on the basis of our top quality products on very reasonable prices, and with in-time delivery, which are also the motto of our organization.

we complete almost all manufacturing processes within our facility which means that No compromise on quality of the products in any criteria. Following are some of the processes that are completed within the manufacturing plant.

The Company has its own forging section where Forgings for proper products/devices are made through Drop Forging Tannery by qualified & skilled workers using Dyes made of the best-quality Leather, The forgings later are put through the process of overall /Sizing Checking, and acid cleaning / pickling by those well versed in these processes.

Our Stitching / Machining section have best quality and imported Stitching/ Machines which are operated by the well-trained experts for good milling of the Gloves, Jacket, and for all other related processes for ensuring exact perfection before filing. For this, top-quality imported materials are used. The process of filing is carried out again by the trained professionals to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision.

we have our own Checking Department. Where qualified & trained staff are engaged to give treatment to products for furtherance of quality.

The Stamping process is carried out by the soundly trained experts to match the world standards.

we have packing department and the packing Departments are also manned by skilled & trained workmen using the imported poly bag and the packing wheels to ensure the best-quality finish. Using the top-quality imported chemical in our packing Department we check and test each and every products before packing.